Lake Wise and Lake Friendly Practices

Lake Wise
Vermont Lakeshore Management

Lake Wise practices apply to the land surrounding a lake that is within 250 feet of the lake’s mean water level.

Managing Vermont lakeshores according to consistent practices, that are proven to protect the lake, will maintain property values, good water quality, good aquatic habitat, good fishing, swimming, boating, bird-watching and more favorite activities around and benefits of Vermont lakes. Using Best Management Practices (BMP) ensures lakeshore conditions are met.

What is Lake Wise?

To see a single sheet page list of shoreland BMP’s, click here

To link to other informative pages and to learn more about the Vermont Agency of Natural  Resources Department of Environmental Conservation’s Lake Wise program click here

To read a recent 2017 article from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the many aspects of how Lake Wise practices benefit lake and property, click here

Checkout this helpful booklet, ‘A Guide to Healthy Lakes Using Lakeshore Landscaping’, created by the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds and designed for lakeshore property owners.

The illustration below is a poster produced by the University of Wisconsin showing the difference between an eco-friendly shoreline and a shoreline that could improve.