Summer 2012 Help Prevent Spread Eurasian Milfoil

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Help Prevent The Further Spread Of Eurasian Watermilfoil In Shadow Lake Summer 2012

To All Camp Owners and Visitors

The information provided here is to notify all interested people that we have Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) growing in the North Cove of the lake. The Lake Association has formed a rapid response team to try and eradicate this extremely invasive plant.

The EWM is aggressive and spreads principally by stem fragments that break off, float away, anchor in new areas and turn into more & more plants. We have found these fragments floating in and around other areas of Shadow Lake, including the public beach. Our best strategy is to control the existing EWM stands and limit its spread in the North Cove and to any other areas of the lake. Monitoring the whole lake is critical for success.

We are asking everyone to please learn how they can help to join the fight to control the plant’s spread to best protect Shadow Lake.

Please avoid recreation or disturbing the North Cove area where the plants are growing marked by several Orange Buoy, to warn this is the weed infested area.

The EWM is growing both in the shallows and out up to a depth of 20 feet. Accordingly, all boat traffic should approach and leave the North Cove through side channels on the far west or east side of the Orange Buoys. Boats should maneuver close to the shoreline when entering or exiting and not engage motor propellers within this zone!

The submerged EWM plants are very brittle by nature & vulnerable to breaking by a minimum of disturbance. As the plants-grow and mature they can form dense mats that easily reach the lake’s surface where even a kayak or canoe paddle dipping into the water or a pedal boat’s turning paddle wheel can cause the plants to break apart and then spread!

What We All Can Do: 

• Seriously avoid any recreation (boating, fishing, swimming, etc.) within the area of the Orange Buoys.

• Scuba divers will be working around the Orange Buoy zone. For safety, Vt. State Law prohibits operating a vessel within 200 ft. from a displayed red and white striped diver-down flag that indicates people are underwater.

• Motor boats limit the size of your wake outside this area as wave action can cause plants to break & spread!

• Take leadership. Learn to identify Eurasian Watermilfoil and educate others on how to not spread the plant. Do inform your family, friends and visitors where the EWM is located and to avoid the Orange Buoy area.

• Participate in carefully monitoring your shorelines out to a 20 ft. depth, being sure to check regularly for any signs of EWM. Neighbors can join together to keep a strong vigil. Protect your property and the lake.

• Active citizen involvement is required in order to receive grant monies! Any amount of time spent participating in helping to defend the lake should be logged in at the boat wash so we can obtain the needed money.

• Do join and support the Shadow Lake Association and stay informed on matters concerning the lake.

• Contribute funds to the Lake Association to fight the EWM. Help us to differ our incurred expenses & future costs of materials & hired labor. Your united support is needed Now as this fight to control the invasion will be challenging & require ongoing maintenance efforts both time consuming & costly if we are to save Shadow Lake.

• Do collect and remove any floating EWM pieces in the lake or washed ashore. Discard those pieces on dry land AWAY from any drainage areas where water run off might carry the weed pieces back into the lake. Report immediately to any Association Board Member if you suspect EWM plants growing anywhere in the lake outside the Orange Buoy zone. DO NOT PULL up any plants! Do note that exact location and notify.

Ask questions & get more info. at the Lake Association’s meeting; Sat. July 14th 6:00 pm., Glover Elem. School.

We hope you will take a moment to reflect on what this lake’s water quality means to all of us.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and support at this crucial time to help protect and preserve Shadow Lake’s future.