Milfoil Update Fall 2013

Shadow Lake Association – Fall 2013 Boat Wash/Milfoil Update

Fall Greetings, to our fellow camp owners. This letter serves as an update on the status of the Eurasian Water Milfoil eradication ongoing in Shadow Lake.
We have made considerable progress managing the infestation and continue our collaboration with the Town of Glover and the State of Vermont to fight and control the spread of EWM and other invasive species.

An application for the use of professional suction harvesting for the approximate one acre infestation of EWM at Danforth Cove was approved by the State of Vermont in the spring of 2013. The milfoil at this location is well contained under the mats it was decided the inherent risks of removing the mats make it wise to wait until the spring of 2014 to evaluate the plant die back success we have achieved over another winter and then re-access our plan of action.

State of Vermont officials from the Department of Environmental Conservation performed a full lake survey in June. They started at the boat/fishing access and proceeded around the lake perimeter with a number of passes at the town beach, inlet and outlet. Unfortunately a new small patch of several plants over three feet tall were found in the proximity of Leland Lane road and removed. This site was marked with orange buoys as well as all other sites we have identified so our snorkel volunteers and divers could target and monitor for potential plant regrowth throughout the summer. In September, we did find some regrowth that was pulled and thanks to an alert camper we were notified of a new location where eight plants were found and pulled. These locations will remain high priority sites to monitor. The State finished checking all sites in October.

Moving forward into 2014 our goals are:
• Effectively control the EWM growth by continuing diver hand pulling.
• Prevent the introduction and establishment of any other aquatic nuisance species in the lake.
• Under the guidance of the State of Vermont, we will conduct a visual inspection of the milfoil growth density underneath the matting at Danforth Cove in the spring to determine whether Suction Harvesting will be necessary.
• Continue to monitor all the known sites around the lake, with our volunteers and hired divers. Orange buoys will once again be placed in the lake to designate the known EWM locations to warn against all human interference in those critical areas. No boaters should motor through the buoys and always proceed with caution well outside the buoy perimeter to prevent the spread of this invasive species.
• Build a watershed conservation group to better understand matters pertaining to the long term health of the lake. Our initial focus will be to identify stressed areas in need of restoration from culvert storm water runoff and improve vegetation buffer zones at the shoreline in need of repair.
• Conduct a full comprehensive aquatic plant survey.
• Continue our education outreach by designing an informational milfoil pamphlet specific to Shadow Lake for the benefit of campers, renters and visitors.

For further information please plan to attend the Shadow Lake Association annual meeting scheduled for July 14, 2014. We have invited a watershed and water milfoil specialist to speak and answer questions.

Your support and volunteer hours are an important part of supporting our efforts to battle the spread of EMW. By working together we can make a difference to protect, maintain and ensure the long term health and beauty of Shadow Lake, its recreation and land values.

Thank you from The Shadow Lake Association Board of Directors 11/4/13