2016 Shadow Lake Map EWM locations, 3 Sites

Report from SLA Milfoil Committee:

The summer of 2016 was a very busy time for milfoil monitoring efforts at Shadow Lake.

Between June and the end of September 2016, a handful of committed volunteers contributed their time working with a commercial diver to scour the lake shoreline and complete nearly three full rotations in search of milfoil plants.  At the time of our July 2016 Annual Meeting, we had completed our first full lake survey and were encouraged to report no milfoil found anywhere in the lake. We were hopeful this would continue to be the case throughout the summer.  Unfortunately, a few small plants were found in two new locations (site #’s 21 & 22) during August and one plant at an old location (site # 18) in September which is optimal growth time for this invasive plant.

After nearly 30 hours of diving, a total of 18 new plants were found underwater by our diver and carefully removed.  All of these sites were diligently monitored into the fall.

On behalf of the lake property owners, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Don Gilman, Rick Utton and Chris Cano who together selflessly volunteered over 100 hours to this work.

Ken Guilbault
Milfoil Committee

We certainly willl strive in 2017 to continue our strong management program to maintain control over the milfoil. Thank you to everyone’s countless hours of work and support to keep this mission on target. ~ Chris

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