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The Shadow Lake Association (SLA) is a member-supported non-profit 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization dedicated to improving the understanding and management of Shadow Lake for its long-term environmental health.

The mission of the Association shall be to collaborate with lake residents, the Town of Glover, and the State of Vermont, to learn, educate and foster best management practices around Shadow Lake, in order to preserve and promote the healthy ecology of the lake and to ensure pristine water quality for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Shadow Lake Association is very grateful for the annual financial grant from the Town of Glover which helps to support our summer-long boat wash program intended to keep invasive aquatic species like milfoil out of the lake. In return, the Association is pleased to provide annual contributions of support to the Glover Volunteer Fire Department, the Glover Ambulance Squad, and the community celebration of “Glover Day.”

July 2019-2020 SLA Officers and Directors; 

  • President – Jen Andrews
  • Vice President – Kristine Tooker
  • Treasurer – Bill Koch
  • Secretary – Judy Dunbar
  • Directors – David Burke, Frank Cermack, Cori Dudley, Pete Gosselin, Kurt Muller, Dave Prince and Howard Robinson.

Our Water Quality Affiliations:

FOVLAP Membership

The Shadow Lake Association is a founding member of the Federation Of Vermont Lakes And Ponds (FOVLAP). The initial organization began in 1972 and evolved into a statewide organization networking with 39 local lake and pond associations, other VT non-profit organizations, individuals and businesses who have joined together to protect and improve the quality of the environment and the pleasure of living near and using, Vermont’s lakes and ponds. FOVLAP collaborates closely with the VT Dept. of Environmental Conservation Lakes and Ponds Management Program.

Former SLA director, Christine Cano, is currently serving her second term as a director of FOVLAP.

Shadow Lake is located within the VT Basin 17 (Memphremagog) watershed. SLA is a partner with the Memphremagog Watershed Association (MWA) and the newly formed Memphremagog Stormwater Collaborative (SWC) group working together on a strategic plan to address stormwater runoff and flood resilience in the Lake Memphremagog watershed. Read the ‘Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin: 2015 Water Quality Report’.  Ben Copans, Basin Planner with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation explains, “Stormwater runoff from roads, roofs, lawns, driveways, and barnyard areas contributes over 25% of the phosphorus loading to Lake Memphremagog and elevated levels of phosphorus in the lake have caused increased plant and algae growth that can limit the use of the Lake. The breadth and diversity of stormwater sources requires the coordination of community partners and I have already seen the how this strategic planning effort has guided partners in working together to tackle a complex water quality issue that cut across many disciplines.”

SLA is also a partner and proud supporter of the Vermont Clean Water Network, a statewide network of networks comprised of more than 100 organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals dedicating to creating a culture of clean water.”

and a member of Watersheds United Vermont (WUV) a state-wide network of local groups dedicated to the health of their home watersheds. Their mission is to empower community-based watershed groups in all parts of the state to protect and restore Vermont’s waters.


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