Slab City

Do You Know?

A new book published in December 2016, by the Glover Historical Society, is available to order!

The book entitled: Slab City/South Glover, Vermont – ‘A Busy Hamlet Now Vanished’, is co-authored by GHS members, Joan Alexander, Connie Ashe and Jack Sumberg. 

The 371 page book is a historical research project, six years in the making, including 400 images consisting of photographs; maps; documents; and drawings that all help tell the story of this once bustling logging community (now vanished) from the 1800’s in what was then called South Glover that flourished around the outlet of Shadow Lake (then called Stone’s Pond).

There were at least two saw mills, one located near the outlet and one located near the brook on the left side of Shadow Lake Road going toward route 16, near where the Waring home is located today. According to the Beer’s map of 1878, (shown on the book’s cover) there was a school, post office, store, tavern, and numerous homes in the Slab City area. Further research shows there was a starch factory before 1860, Carter’s cider mill, a wood working shop and a blacksmith shop.

This vintage photo is a actually an old postcard showing a view of Slab City as it once appeared in the distance across Shadow Lake.

Slab City

The book is available for $25.00 at the Glover Town Clerk office, open Monday – Thursday, from 8 to 4. Please send any mail orders to Glover Historical Society, PO Box 208, Glover, Vermont, 05839, and include an additional $6.00 to cover shipping costs.

~ Any inquiries about the book should be directed to the Glover Historical Society.