Our Stewardship

Our Stewardship Mission

The Shadow Lake Association’s stewardship mission is to collaborate with Shadow Lake residents, the Town of Glover, and the State of Vermont, to learn, educate and foster best management practices around the lake, in order to preserve and promote the healthy ecology of the lake and to ensure pristine water quality for the benefit of current and future generations.


To undertake our mission, we shall:

A. Preserve and protect the healthy ecology of the lake by

  • Promoting increased public awareness of what must be done to protect the lake from the introduction of aquatic invasive species, especially Eurasian Water Milfoil;
  • Operating the summer Boat Wash Program, and participating in the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Public Access Greeter Program;
  • Conducting comprehensive lake-wide surveys by monitoring the lake regularly to detect the presence of aquatic invasive species; and
  • Preventing, containing and controlling all aquatic invasive species.

B. Ensure pristine water quality by

  • Encouraging the co-operative effort of property owners to become responsible stewards of Shadow Lake in order to conserve the lake’s environment and protect its water quality;
  • Fostering the maintenance and restoration of natural vegetation on the shoreline to protect the riparian buffer zone;
  • Encouraging best storm water runoff diversion practices;
  • Participating in the Vermont Lay Monitoring program and the Vermont Invasive Patroller program, and conducting regular water quality testing;
  • Seeking to identify and treat non-point source pollution in the Shadow Lake watershed;
  • Assisting in keeping lakeside areas and the lake outlet free from debris;
  • Promoting the benefits of upgrading to 4-cycle outboard engines;
  • Encouraging the use of phosphorus-free fertilizers near the lake and the use of phosphate-free, green cleaning products;
  • Encouraging lakeside owners to properly maintain septic systems and pump out every 2-5 years;

In order to implement our mission goals, we shall:

  • Publish an annual newsletter to members, and do postings for our website to inform and educate members and others interested in sustainable lake protection practices;
  • Create and distribute informational “welcome packets” for all new Shadow Lake property owners, promoting lake welfare with literature for sustainable shore land development methods;
  • Arrange speakers and/or information for the annual Association business meeting to help our members and guests learn about water quality and other lake-related topics;
  • Partner with the Federation Of Vermont Lakes And Ponds and send representatives to attend their annual meeting, while networking with other conservation organizations to collaboratively promote clean water;
  • Encourage the Town of Glover to participate in the Vermont Better Roads grant program, and contribute in kind toward those grants, to help improve road construction and maintenance so as to manage storm water run-off and minimize erosion around the lake; and
  • Advocate for laws, policies and regulations that protect natural resources at State and municipal meetings and at hearings in support of Vermont water quality and lake protection.


‘ensure pristine water quality for the benefit of current and future generations’